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April 22 2019
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Assets auction is a unique chance to receive an edge over other players at the start. The first prospectors will lack the most basic things - tools, buildings, materials. It will take several days until they make their primary tools; the first buildings emerge in a few weeks, and even more time will pass until the first gold pans appear and the gold deposits are explored. Those who thoughtfully take an ax, a shovel or even some building materials with them, will have a critical advantage. Don’t miss your chance! Being among the first now means success in the future.

Building set

Building Set

When the first prospectors enter the game world, there will be no infrastructure and they won’t be able to buy the right tools or materials.

Those inhabitants who will manage to build the necessary buildings first and establish production will be seriously ahead of their competitors. They will be able to sell the items they create while the demand for tools, materials and other products will be crazy at the beginning. Good luck!

Speculator’s set

Speculator’s Set

Having tools, a worker can fulfill more varied tasks, from extracting resources to crafting. Those who enter the game with the set of tools will be able to sell them on the market. Make other prospectors happy and earn good money - fifty spades at the start is better than 5 kilos of gold.

Beginner’s set

Beginner’s Set

Tools in Prospectors are as valuable as gold. But, as in real life, a worker cannot fulfill different tasks with the same tools. Those who will have all the tools will be able to do varied work - explore and extract, build and create.

Researcher’s set

Researcher’s Set

To find out whether a plot has gold deposits, a player has to carry out exploration. But you need specific tools for it - a gold pan and a pickax. This auction item is exactly what you require!

There are 3 pairs consisting of a gold pan and a pickax so you can explore three plots. You'll find out how much gold they contain and choose the best land for you.

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Rules of the auction:

Each auction will lasts 7 hours, so it's easy to take part in it around the world. It'll be 90 auction stages overall.

If your bid is the last one the item will be yours.

The auction time will be extended for 3 minutes whenever a new bid is submitted during the last 3 min of the auction.

You'll be able to use all Auction items you've bought only after the game release (a provisional date - 29 June 2019)