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Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Economic Strategy (MMORTES) Powered by EOS Blockchain

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Decentralized World
The world of alternative reality. The first of its kind MMORTES, powered by EOS
Earn money
Play and Get Real Cash Reward
To earn as much gold as possible, you have to use different game assets and workforce
Real economic
Free Market Economy
Real trade and economic relations. Demand and supply define the price of resources

Prospectors Game

Welcome to the times of Golden Rush – the second part of XIXth – early XXth cc. With the real economic model, you will have to use different assets and workforce to earn as much gold as possible.

Everything is located on the map. Here you can see what is happening in the game world: who are registering new lots, what buildings are constructed, etc. More than that, the map shows the location of all visible raw materials - wood, water, clay, stone.

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Crypto Gold (PGL) Pgl symbol

Gold (PGL) is a token and the main currency of the game. To interact with other players, you have to earn gold during the game. The amount of PGL is limited – 220 million coins.

Half of the general amount – 110 million coins –is located in the game and can be extracted.

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Migration tool

Prospectors developing on EOS platform, the PGL (Ethereum Network) tokens will be never used. The term migration is unlimited. If you chose option Migration via Proospectors Migration Tool use Metamask.

Proospectors Migration Tool - a faster way.

Adding MetaMask is pretty simple:
Visit and add the extension to whatever browser you’re using.

You can also migrate via MyEtherWallet.

Token Swap Rate:

PGL 1(ETH token) = 1 PGL (EOS token)

Please pay close attention to fake applications, false information, phishing websites, phishing emails, and phony customer service, etc. The Prospectors team will NEVER ask for private keys or passwords from users. Please protect yourself from scam attempts.

Migrator contract address -

Prospectors Gold contract address -

PGL Token contract account on EOS


Q1 2015 - Idea Creation

Market research and consulting. Brainstorming ideas and planning the project’s initial deployment.

Q1 2017 - Idea Publication

Concept announcement and preparation for the pre-ICO. Building the corporate website. Creating the project’s Whitepaper. Announcing pre-ICO plans for the investors.

08 September 2017 - Prototype

Alpha-prototype testing. Concept design.

17 February 2018 - Prototype Testing, Stage 1

Prototype testing; 100 prospectors involved.

Q1 2018 - Game World Economic Model

Upgrading the economic model. Team expansion. Choosing the best blockchain for the project.

31 May 2018 - Prototype Testing, Stage 2

Prototype testing Stage 2; 200 prospectors involved.

Q2 2018 - New Blockchain

Transferring to EOS. Building EOS smart contracts. Team expansion. Creating PGL (EOS Token)

11 July 2018 - Minidrop

Ten thousand people took part in the Minidrop. The stage is completed.

03 October 2018 - PGL Migration

PGL migration from ETH to EOS. Migration tool at

December 2018 - Pre-alpha. Prototype Testing, Stage 3

The game’s UI/UX is upgraded with the new arts.

22 January 2019 - Site update

Prospectors Team Presentation

January 2019 - Staking-rewards system

PGL holders will get a reward

February 2019 - Alpha

Alpha version

February 2019 - Site update

Wiki. Building and Assets Description

March 2019 - Game Assets Sale

Sale amazing packs

March 2019 - Beta

Beta version