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What’s this game about?

The game imitates the times of the Gold Rush. As in real life, those who create tools often earn more than gold prospectors. In conditions of a well-developed economy, everyone can find their place under the sun. Extract resources, process raw materials, create means of transportation, get involved in logistics or trading. Mine and earn gold in Prospectors and spend it in real life.

How can I spend the earned gold in real life?

To withdraw the gold from the game, convert it in PGL tokens. After that, you can sell the tokens on the decentralized exchange and spend the earned bucks as you wish.

Is the game entirely blockchain-based? What’s in it for me?

Yes, Prospectors is a full blockchain game. It means that every player’s move is recorded in the blockchain, all the property is secured, and the smart contract fulfills all the operations within the game.

Can I start the game without PGL on balance?

Yes, you can play without PGL. Players don’t need PGL on their account to be active in the game. You can earn initial funds by helping others do the job, trading resources and tools, etc.

Can I use PGL in the game?

If you have PGL on your account, you can bring a certain amount of tokens into the game, converting them into the game gold. With the initial capital, you’ll be able to purchase everything you need with lesser efforts than the players without startup funds.

Is it necessary to rent a plot to extract resources?

No, you can extract resources on any free plot. However, while on the free plots, a worker will gather the extracted minerals to his backpack until there’s a place in it. If a plot is rented during your activities there, you won’t be able to work on this plot anymore.

If I rented a plot, do I own it?

A plot, any property on it, the rights for extraction, construction and processing are yours until you pay the rental fee.

What’s the max number of plots I can own?


If I fail to pay the rental fee, what would happen with my plot?

If you miss the payment, the plot and all the property will be blocked. You won’t be able to carry out any works on it until you pay the rent.

Where do the taxes and charges that I pay, go?

The rental fee and other payments go to the State budget and then they are divided between several funds (Plot Fund, Development Fund, etc.)

Will the new plots appear on the map?

The new plots will appear on demand - when the map is overpopulated, or the resources are exhausted, under the condition that the Plot Fund has enough gold to generate them. The Fund is refilled from the taxes and rental payments.

What does the message “You reached the limit of works on the plot” mean?

One can carry out a limited number of works on one plot. You can arrange them as you wish. If you reached the limit, wait until some of the works are finished.

Where can I get the necessary tools and materials?

You can either create/extract the necessary tools and materials or purchase them from other players on the market.

How can I receive the purchased goods?

If you bought some goods, you have to take them from the seller’s plot. You can do it by yourself or pay for transportation.

Can I interrupt the worker’s process of work?

No, you have to wait until he gets free.

What are the benefits of unions?

A union is a cooperation of several players with the aim of reaching better results and common goals. The members who register a union can communicate in the inner messenger. Later on, a player can offer different prices for goods for the members of his union and other players.

Why it’s better to play with friends?

The more coordinated is the team, the better results it can reach. If you play with friends, you can work out a strategy, support each other, exchange tools and resources, share tasks, etc.