Starting the game:

How do I convert my PGL into Gold?

Use the ”Account” tab to deposit/withdraw PGL

How do I buy tools to work?

Use the ”market” tab to see all the items that are for sale, including tools

Can I craft tools by hand?

You can craft tools by hand using the “manufacturing” tab. You will need to gather the necessary materials for each item needed for each tool.

How do I find jobs to earn gold?

You can look for jobs using the “all jobs” tab, then use the filter to sort them.

I want to work a job, but it says “too far”?

You must be within a 2-hour walk in order to accept that job

Can I work jobs if I have no tools?

Under the “all jobs” tab, you can select the “transport” jobs that do not require any tools. You can carry up to 30kg in your empty backpack. You can equip your worker with a cart or wagon to carry more materials.

I bought a tool, but I don’t know where it is?

Use the “all my stuff” tab to see all of your items and the location of those items.

I bought a tool, but I don’t know how to get it?

Your tool is waiting for you in the “storage” of the plot where you bought it from. You can move your worker to that plot to pick up your item, (or if you are renting a plot you can make a transport order.)

How do I move my workers around the map?

Click on the plot you want to move your worker, You can move your worker there using the “walking” tab (A)

How do I move items from the storage to my worker?

Once your worker is at the plot, click on the “storage”, then click on your worker on the right.

I bought a wagon/cart, how do I move it to my worker?

Carts and wagons must be moved to a workers “equipment“ tab, not in the backpack

How do I move a tool from one worker to another?

Use the “transfer” ( arrows) tab next to the worker, then select the worker you want to transfer the item to. You must be on the same plot to transfer items from one worker to another.

Where is my worker?

Use the “location” tab next to the worker to see the plot where that worker is located.

How can I find specific users or plots?

Use the “search” function to find plots by searching the name, or specific users by searching their usernames.

how can I find jobs or materials close to my workers?

Use the “filter” tab to make things like jobs, free plots, sales Or purchases to appear on the map

What is the certificate for? Do I need it?

It is not mandatory, but your workers can only work for 60 minutes at a time without the certification. Buying the certificate will allow your workers to work for 300 minutes at a time.

Life of a nomad:

Do I have to rent a plot?

No, you can play the game as a “nomad” and have plenty of success.

How can I sell an item without renting a plot?

You can sell items ( other than tools) using the “market” tab, and then selecting the “buyers” tab.

I walked to a “buyers” plot, how do sell items?

You can buy or sell items from a plot by clicking on the “store” on that plot

Taking the next step:

I want to rent a plot, how do I find one?

You can rent a free plot by clicking on the “rent” sign on that plot. You can also look for plots on the “land registry”. These plots are up for auction, check out all the details of the plot before bidding on it.

I want to build a shop, how do I know what I will need?

Use the “academy“ tab to see all the buildings and mines and what materials are needed to construct them

I rented a plot, but I don’t have the option to build a shop?

The plot must be cleared of trees or rocks before a building or mine can be built

Running your business:

How do I sell my items

You can sell your goods at the “store” in your plot. Click on the store, then select the item and click the sell button.

How do I make an order to mine on my plot?

Click on the mineral or the resource on that plot, then select “create an order”.

How do I make a transport order?

Click on the item in your storage that you want to be transported, and select the “transfers” tab, then select, “transfer”.

How do I change an order I have already made?

To see your “user info”, click on your account name on the top right. There you can see your “orders” and other account info.

I am trying to make an order, but I get an error “orders limit reached”,what do I do?

Players are able to have 10 active orders open. Look in your “user info” and check your “orders”. You can delete any orders that you no longer need.