Token Obligation
OBTs are basically the shares of the company “Prospectors”, the owners of which will receive the part of the company’s profit, depending on the share they possess:
Big icon obt
Obt icon Obligation token (OBT)
  • Obligations will be sold only during the crowdfunding campaign, except for the OBTs, sold during the pre-sale to early investors.
  • The OBT price will be constant during the all period of fundraising, to prevent price speculations.
  • The general amount of OBTs at the time of crowdsale launching is limited by 100 000 000 tokens.
  • All obligations, that won’t be realized during the crowdfunding campaign, will be burned.
  • The price of OBT tokens will be 1 ETH - 1000 OBT
  • During the crowdfunding campaign and pre-sale 80% of OBT tokens will be sold out, 20% will be distributed among the developers’ team and spent for advertising.
Diagram obt type 1

The game Prospectors will be managed by Obligations owners. Obligation ownership will give the right to receive a part of the project’s profit, proportionally to the number of OBT tokens the investors possess.
The start of gold sell
coming soon
  • Obt icon
  • 100 000 000
    1 ETH - 1000 (OBT)
  • (OBT)