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Gold is the main currency and the only trade and settlement instrument in the game, Prospectors.
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    Main characteristics:

  • Gold is the instrument in which the price of labor and any other objects in the game world are valued.
  • All gold will be mined only in the Prospectors game.
  • The distribution of gold on the map will be totally random. It is possible that one land parcel will have a lot of gold, and the neighboring one will have no gold at all.
  • The number of gold tokens will be limited.
  • Gold can be withdrawn outside the game.
  • For gold-mining, one will need instruments and a workforce.
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Since the economic model of the game world will correspond to the reality on Earth at the beginning of the industrial age, the situation where wealth can literally be dug out of the ground is totally acceptable. In the game Prospectors, as well as in the real world, gold is a universal exchange instrument.