About game

Title back Game world
The background of the game is a map where all objects are situated. A player can choose a sector (register a lot), and then do anything he wants on it (according to the game possibilities). With the help of the map a player can also check everything that is happening in the game world.
Next, a player should choose a direction he wants to advance in: extraction of raw materials, their processing, or the production of final goods. Or maybe he would be lucky enough to choose a land parcel with the rich deposits of gold and start mining it.
But even if one was lucky enough to find gold, it would be difficult to mine it without instruments, work transport, and buildings. Still, the availability of the certain raw materials and their processing will give a possibility to provide players with all necessary things. So even those players, who found gold on their lands, would depend on other players, who should provide them with the necessary instruments for mining.
Title back Start
The game starts from the player’s arrival to the North, on the lands where no prospector has gone before. The first step every player has to do is to choose a free land parcel. One should be very scrupulous about the choice, since it is clear that not every parcel has gold.
For that, one should take a soil sample and perform an expert examination, and only then register a lot. Lots are versatile, ones are rich for gold, others – for wood, stone, or coal. All these natural resources will give the players possibilities to earn the initial capital, which can serve as a basis for the future business.
After the lot registration every player must hire several workers. They can work on the player’s land or they can be sent to be hired by other players.
Title back Organization
Any player will never be able to do everything on his own. However, a player can create an Organization (on his own or in association with other players), which will hire workers and managers, will be involved in trading, provision, processing, or production. The players, who created an Organization, will govern it by voting for all vital decisions.
So everyone can create a powerful trading economic empire and take not the least level in its hierarchy
Besides, we should not forget about the right of free choice, everyone can decide which role to choose – a lone adventurer, living under the motto “all or nothing”; or a part of the powerful financial mechanism which can always support and protect you.
Every player receives several workers. They can fulfill various tasks set by the player. They can collect resources, erect buildings, produce certain equipment, etc.
A worker is always situated on a certain lot or is in the process of moving. Worker’s moving over the map and any actions that he fulfills to do his job will take some time. The time of the worker’s movement is directly proportional to the distance he has to pass. The analogical linear relationship will be between the amount of the produced goods and the time spent for it.
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Industries in the Game
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Title back center Extraction of Raw Materials

For the raw materials extraction one will need workers with the basic skills and appropriate instruments.
Raw materials are located on the lot, so the player who owns the lot has a right to extract them. In addition, raw materials can be processed to other materials that can be further used in different industries.

    At thу moment the following raw materials can be extracted:

  • Gold
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Ironstone
  • Clay
  • Coal
  • Water
The location of such natural resources as water, wood, clay, and stone can be seen on the map. Other materials are located in earth and their location on the game world map is unknown.
Title back Building
A player can erect a building only on a lot he owns and only if it has an adequate space. Every building has its size.
Buildings img
Buildings can be divided into the following types: extraction, processing, production, trading, and other. To erect a building, a player’s workers should possess the necessary instruments and building skills. A player has to possess the necessary funds and technology due to which he will be able to construct a needed building.
Title back Processing
During the processing of raw materials one receives secondary raw materials for erecting buildings, creating products or their elements. To prepare products from the raw materials, a player must possess a necessary technology, and his workers must have specific skills.
Technology is the knowledge which a player must possess to set up some business. All technologies are developed by a State and can be provided only by it.
Further material processing will lead to the ready product.
Title back center Product manufacturing
Every final product can consist of several parts. For example, a mattock consists of the wooden handle and the metal point. All necessary parts are produced in the specific buildings in case of existence of appropriate technologies (a metal point is done in a forge, a handle – in a joinery). A product is made from the relevant materials, each of them passes the chain of processing from the raw materials.
Product img
Title back Trading

    The main platforms for trading in the game will be inner exchanges:

  • Labour exchange is a place where one can hire somebody else’s workers or find a job for one’s own workers.
  • Personal and real property exchange – here one can trade any raw materials, ready products, or buildings.
In addition, possessing a relevant technology, a player can open his own shop or bank. Bank is a building (technology) which can be owned by a player or organization. The Bank can provide loans (against any property or without it), take deposits and pay percents to depositors.
Builds back
Title back Government
To create a mechanism of governing the inner game world, players can create Organizations.
Organization is the association of players, that can act on behalf of the Organization only as a result of consensus (common agreement) of all its members. Organization can be considered as a high-level account, the owner of which is one or several players. Such organization can have a head, possess gold and any other movable or immovable property.