About DAO
The governing body in the game “Prospectors” is a State, it will be able to influence a further game development and regulate the inner life of this virtual world.
Only the token owners will have a power to govern the State. They will make decisions on the main problems vital for both game economics and game itself: the price of land rent, money distribution for the further game development, or paying profits to investors.
DAO - decentralized autonomous organization (Fund of Profits) – a smart contract that distributes a profit (ETH) between token (Obligations) owners depending on the share they possess. In addition, DAO can influence the work of the smart contract State.
External Exchange - a place for trading Gold to ETH, where every player can place a lot for Gold/ETH buy/sell.
Game - a smart contract that allows a Player to withdraw Gold, earned in the game, to his/her own wallet or exchange platform.
Fund of Development and Expenses - this is an Ethereum-wallet with multi-signature, managed by the body that provides support of “Prospectors” and which, in turn, can be changed by the investors voting.
Contract img
Fund of New Lots - a smart contract, which is filled in with gold, gathered by the State from the players and forwarded to the Fund. After reaching the particular (previously indicated) limit, it transfers the gold back to the game for the random arrangement on the new land lots.
State - a smart contract that receives a part of the players’ gold as an obligatory fee for the registration and land use, as well as for technology absorption. A part of collected gold is forwarded to the Fund of New Lots, all the rest is traded on the external exchange platform to ETH. The proceeds are distributed between DAO and the Fund of Development and Expenses.
Rights of Token Owners
Obligations give their owners the right to put the questions to voting, take part in discussions and influence on decisions.
Token owners will decide how to distribute the Gold withdrawal; which sum should be forwarded to the further project development and support; what price should be set for patents or technologies in the game; set a limit in the Fund of New Lots, etc.
To conclude all the mentioned above, the game “Prospectors” and all the profit will belong to the owners of Obligations.