“Prospectors” is the unique blockchain project - and the first of its kind massively multiplayer online real time economic strategy (MMORTES) - with the game crypto-currency based on Ethereum platform.
To raise funds for the development and support of the potentially biggest online game project of the last years, the crowdfunding campaign will be carried out.
The start of obligation (OBT) sell
crowdfunding is postponed!
During the crowdfunding campaign the tokens Obligation (OBT) will be sold, the maximum number of OBT will be 100 000 000 tokens.
OBT Distribution

Diagram obt type 1
ETH Distribution

Diagram eth type 1
Ico details
The role of investors:
The Obligations owners will make decisions on the main points, vital for “Prospectors”, in particular, the distribution of funds for the further game development and paying profits to investors.
Min goal:
8000 ETH
Max goal:
78500 ETH
ICO period:
June 1 - July 1 2017
Total supply:
100,000,000 tokens
Price per token:
1 ETH - 1000 OBT
Road Map

Investing into MMORTES Prospectors, you become the Game shareholder, and receive a unique possibility to govern the game world and get the part of the company’s income.