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Wild west

Start: 04.12.2019


Chain: WAX

Cold north winds blow into your face. Yet you make this step into uncertainty, like many before you did. Because within that wild and untamed land, lies opportunity, and you know that a bright future is ahead. This land is rich in wood and coal, to warm you up while you brave the cold and the elements on your quest for gold. The easiest land to enter for newcomers.

Start: 26.06.2019


Chain: EOS

Enter the land of courageous men and women who dared to be the first to venture off into the unknown Prospectors world. They have established the basis for Prospectors' society and have grown their local economy. Now they are developing and expanding their businesses, and looking forward to a prosperous future. Join them! The very first Prospectors land.

Start: 21.01.2021


Chain: WAX

The land of the Eagle Boomtown is located farther north from the Yukon. The climate there is cold and inhospitable. The season in which the ground is thawed enough for mining is short. To win, settlers have to build the railroad before the land will be covered with a thick blanket of ice again making mining impossible. Boomtown settlers have only 50 days to develop their business and mine as much gold and other resources as they can.